“It’s Easy to be hard; It’s hard to be smart.”  ~John Barklow

John is the Big Game Product Manager at Sitka, and does he know his stuff!  John educates us on how Sitka chooses their textiles and the rigorous product testing all products have to pass before being made available to the consumer.



For more in-depth information on some of the products mentioned, please check out podcast #19:

Podcast #19 With Kenton Carruth and Ryan Callaghan from First Lite

Show Notes & Product links~

Provided for your convenience are links to the products discussed on this podcast.  Some links are affiliate links. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.  Products are primarily listed in order of discussion in the podcast.


Sitka Blizzard Jacket

Kelvin Active Jacket (Men’s)

Kelvin Active Jacket (Women’s)

Sitka Mountain Jacket

Sitka Jetstream Jacket


Sitka Ascent Pants


Sitka Ascent Vest


Sitka Flash Pullover

Sitka Fanatic Hoodie


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