#25 Q&A with the Avery’s

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We figured it was about time to answer all the questions we have received over the past six months and giveaway that Kifaru 14R. We ramble on a bit, go down a few rabbit holes and miss pronounce several products.  Ryan also might be a bit delirious because he has Chicken Pox…… WTF!

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#5 The Struggle Stick with Aron Snyder

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“When you have the Struggle Stick in your hand, shit can get wounded!: ~Ryan Avery

Aron and Ryan talk about the mighty stick bow!

Please forgive the background noise from 6 to 11-minute mark! (Damn Kids)


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No products mentioned in this podcast.

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#3 Darin Cooper

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“Avery popped my podcasting cherry” ~ Darin Cooper

Darin Cooper is a man of many hats. A prolific bow hunter, writer, editor, engineer and dog whisperer.


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