Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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#39 Tyler Freel


We sat down with Tyler at the Shot Show. We talked hunting and trapping in Alaska. Ryan’s love of SOME Compound Bowhunters, shooting trad bows at grizzly bears and several other off the wall topics.




#38 Donald Trump Jr. and Jeff Brozovich


While we were in Vegas for the SHOT SHOW, we were able to sit down with two very cool guests!  On this podcast, we chat about hunting, public lands and Don’s 2017 season.

#37 Ryan and Tanya Avery


This is our year-end gear wrap up for 2017.  We discuss the clothing that really impressed us and the clothing that didn’t.


Show Notes & Product Links:

Provided for your convenience are links to the products discussed in this podcast.  Some links are affiliate links. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.



First Lite Sawtooth Jacket

Sitka Flash Jacket

Sitka Timberline Pants

Sitka Ascent pants

Sitka Jetstream Beanie

Kifaru Lost Park Parka

Kryptek Bora Jacket

Kryptek Ghar Jacket


Kifaru T-3 Tactical Frame

Kifaru Fulcrum

Stone Glacier 5900


Crispi Nevada GTX




First Lite Alturas guide pants

Sitka Timberline pants

Sitka Core Midweight shirt

Sitka Core Heavyweight shirt

First Lite Lupine base layer shirt

First Lite Artemis Hoody

Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer


Kifaru 22 mag


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#36 Dioni Amuchastegui


We’ve apparently caught the Mule Deer bug, and today we sit down and chat with Dioni Amuchastegui.  Dioni is an Idaho Mule Deer hunter that provides much insight into Mule Deer Hunting!

Show Notes & Product Links:

#35 Justin Crossley

Avery Adventures Podcast #35 with Justin Crossley

Today we chat with Justin Crossley, good friend, and Editor at Rokslide.com.  Justin recaps his successful 2017 season with his family and discusses the gear that impressed him during this season. 


Show Notes & Product Links:

#34 Robby Denning


We wrap up Robby’s 2017 season where he had an Idaho and Colorado tag.  Robby also goes through the gear that did and didn’t make the cut for next years hunts.


Show Notes & Product Links:

#32 Avery Adventures with Calvin Halladay


On this episode, we chat with Calvin Halladay of Sheep Mountain Outfitters and MOA rifles

Show Notes & Product Links

#31 Avery Adventures with Robby Denning


On this episode, we are down hunting Mule Deer with Robby in Southern Idaho. So naturally, we did a podcast on how to hunt rutting bucks.

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