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#48 The Vortex Challenge with Mark Boardman


We get lots of questions about the Vortex Challenge. So we asked Mark Boardman to come on and explain the new location in Wyoming and some of the changes to the event.


Show Notes & Product Links:

Vortex Optics

Razor HD AMG

#47 Rob Gearing CEO of Spartan Precision


Rob is a very funny guy with a passion to create lightweight gear for hunters. He also has an extensive climbing background. We cover everything from bipods to mountain climbing in this podcast.

#46 Ryan and Tanya talk bear hunting and bear meat recipes


Today we talk about Rokslide Bear Camp 2018, spring bear hunting and our favorite uses for bear meat.

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#45 Brad Brooks from Argali Outdoors

Brad Brooks drinking Coffee on a mountaintop. Glassing for deer.

This podcast will be a little different, listen in on Brad Brooks seminar at the BHA in Boise! He covers lightweight backpacking and hunting mule deer. Learn more about Brad here.

Argali Outdoors

Show Notes & Product Links:

#44 Rob Lancellotti and Jon Pynch


Rob Lancellotti from Swarovski Optics and Kahles Optics and Jon Pynch, shooter extraordinaire sit down with us at the 2018 Shot Show and chat about all things optics.

Swarovski Optics

Kahles Optics

Jon Pynch

Rob Lancellotti

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#43 Jeff Brozovich & Justin Crossley


The guys talk extreme long range, and how to get into long range hunting.

Jeff Brozovich- www.longrangeonly.com

Justin Crossley-www.rokslide.com


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#42 Ryan Lampers


“To be honest, we almost died” ~Ryan Lampers

In this podcast, Ryan talks about hunting partners, hunting the Frank Church Wilderness, almost dying and how he prepares his own dehydrated meals for hunting season.


Show Notes & Product Links:

#41 Justin Webb


In this podcast, we sit down with Justin Webb of F4WM-Foundation for Wildlife Management.  If you have ever wanted to learn more about predator management in Idaho or wanted to get more involved, this is the podcast for you!


#40 Red Rock Precision


Had and a great time talking rifles, hunting, shooting schools and llamas with Curt and Todd, owners of Red Rock Precision. Don’t mind Ryan he was little cracked out on Monster and Tigers Blood from Mtn Ops. And for some reason Tanya’s audio sucks… SORRY.



#39 Tyler Freel


We sat down with Tyler at the Shot Show. We talked hunting and trapping in Alaska. Ryan’s love of SOME Compound Bowhunters, shooting trad bows at grizzly bears and several other off the wall topics.




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