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#29 Avery Adventures with Darryn Epp



We talk to Darryn Epp, a world-renowned wildlife photographer, and hunter.  Darryn talks about bridging the gap between hunters and non-hunters using a mutual love for wildlife photography.

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Organizing your hunting gear in one regular sized closet. You can do it!



I will start this out by admitting we have a garage, so we aren’t forced to keep hunting gear in the house.  However, I prefer to keep it easily organized and accessible.  Much like living out of a suitcase, it seemed to be a time-consuming option to pack all of our hunting stuff in bins to have to sort through come hunting season.  With our clothing and some gear in a standard closet, we can pack much quicker.

I bought a closet organizer from Amazon a few years ago and arranged the shelving in style similar to the picture on the box.  At that time I was planning for the closet to store board games and kids toys.  In retrospect, I may have been able to situate the shelving in a different configuration to better utilize the closet for the purpose our hunting clothing and gear, but it’s working out ok.

Top right: I store my hunting packs and both of our daypacks.  Ryan stores his packs in the garage.  There was not enough room for all of our packs, and his are larger.

  1. Right-hand hanging rack: Jackets; soft shell and Puffy’s  Bottom right:  top of bin: Kifaru Doobie
    1. top bin: hats
    2. middle bin: gloves
    3. bottom bin: socks, bra’s and underwear
  2. 4.Bottom right: I have a boot dryer, heated insoles and my boots and camp shoes.
  3. Middle top hanging rack: base layer tops and bottoms.
  4. Middle shelf right:
    1. Left bin: Tanya’s misc. Girl stuff
    2. Right bin: Ryan’s misc. stuff
  5. Middle Bin: top of bin: battery packs and misc. Cords for cameras, GPS, etc.
    1. First aid packs, lighters, fuel tabs, ‘do-not-eat’ moisture packets
    2. hot hands
    3. camel back bladders, water filtration tablets
    4. gaters and shoe spikes
  6. Left-hand hanging rack: pants
  7. Middle shelf left: hats (not flat bills, lol)
  8. Bottom left hanging rack: Raingear: jackets, and pants.

For information on specific items shown, just drop us an email at or We are creating a shopping list tab on our menu of items we use; it will be up shortly:)

*UPDATE: This closet is still clean and organized due to our hunting season being postponed because of my hip surgery. :/


#28 Avery Adventures with Frank Galli owner of Snipers Hide


The one and only Frank Galli. We talk about his time as a Marine Scout Sniper, The state of competitive shooting and gear of course.

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Raising money for Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Today only, These companies will be donating 100% of their store sales proceeds to the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey! Any amount will make a difference.  If you can help, please do!  Donate to the Salvation Army HERE. Shop these companies:

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My First Spring Bear




Let me just start this story out by admitting I’m scared of bears.  I mean, I’m sane.  Of course, I’m scared of them, Have you seen The Revenant?  Yeah, I know it was a Grizzly in that movie, and I know I was hunting Black Bears, but still, that was still fresh in my mind.   Bears are scary shit.  They don’t screw around.  I feel that it is good to have a healthy fear of predatory animals when you are hunting.  It heightens your senses, and I feel like it makes me a better hunter.

Spring Bear Backpacking Trip 2014


This was my first backpacking hunting trip.  We were backpacking in 5 miles to a mountain lake and joining Aron, Billy, and Kelly on this bear hunt.   This was the first time my son and I would be backpacking into the spot we would be hunting.  Having to carry everything I needed on my back was a new experience.  We plotted and planned every detail (or so we thought).  My pack was KIfaru DT3, Lane’s was Kifaru Pointman and Ryan’s was EMR 2.

#25 Q&A with the Avery’s


We figured it was about time to answer all the questions we have received over the past six months and giveaway that Kifaru 14R. We ramble on a bit, go down a few rabbit holes and miss pronounce several products.  Ryan also might be a bit delirious because he has Chicken Pox…… WTF!

How to coordinate your hunts and your family life. A definitive guide ;) to peacefully planning the hunting season with your spouse.


All of us have been there.  Surprise! A 5-day hunting trip sprung on you by your spouse, days before three planned parent teacher conferences and two dentists appointments. All set to happen the same week.  Were you also told ‘I told you about this, remember’?  Yeah, me too.  A big line of bull no doubt.    I would like to say now that I have started hunting this no longer happens or that I understand how things can get planned on the fly, but my Type A personality still calls BULLSHIT!   But hey, I get it.  I too forget to tell my husband about planned events.  Are they a trip out of town? No, but still.  Shit happens.

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