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#25 Q&A with the Avery’s


We figured it was about time to answer all the questions we have received over the past six months and giveaway that Kifaru 14R. We ramble on a bit, go down a few rabbit holes and miss pronounce several products.  Ryan also might be a bit delirious because he has Chicken Pox…… WTF!

How to coordinate your hunts and your family life. A definitive guide ;) to peacefully planning the hunting season with your spouse.


All of us have been there.  Surprise! A 5-day hunting trip sprung on you by your spouse, days before three planned parent teacher conferences and two dentists appointments. All set to happen the same week.  Were you also told ‘I told you about this, remember’?  Yeah, me too.  A big line of bull no doubt.    I would like to say now that I have started hunting this no longer happens or that I understand how things can get planned on the fly, but my Type A personality still calls BULLSHIT!   But hey, I get it.  I too forget to tell my husband about planned events.  Are they a trip out of town? No, but still.  Shit happens.

#24 Avery Adventures with Brendon Weaver from Maven Optics


Maven is a direct to consumer optics company. Brendon joins us from Lander, Wyoming to discuss all things optics and to introduce us to their new binocular the C.1.

#23 Avery Adventures with Jake Long and Kelly Buroker

Jake Longs Elk

I sit down with Jake and Kelly and talk about DIY Moose hunting in Alaska and Pack Goats.

#22 Avery Adventures with Mule deer Master Robby Denning


Like always Robby drops lots of Mule Deer knowledge.

#21 Avery Adventures with Aron Snyder talking Hunting Partners


Aron, Tanya and I talk about how hunting partners can make or break a hunt.


Show Notes & Product Links:

#20 Avery Adventures with Josh Boyd


“The great state of Montana is overrated. Unless you are looking for dinosaur bones.” ~Josh Boyd

Josh Boyd is one of best all around public land hunters that I know. He is also a great writer and gear junkie! Couple that with his job that keeps him in the woods and you get a very knowledgeable outdoorsman.

For more in-depth information on some of the products mentioned, please check out these podcasts:

Podcast #16 with John Barklow from Sitka

Podcast #18 with Kurt Racicot from Stone Glacier and

Podcast #19 With Kenton Carruth and Ryan Callaghan from First Lite

Show notes & Product links:

#19 Avery Adventures with Kenton Carruth and Ryan Callaghan from First Lite


Ryan and Kenton discuss Merino and Merino blends in GREAT DETAIL. There are numbers and ratios mentioned that made my brain hurt (you gear junkies will love this!) in regards to durability and their ability to be worn for multiple days without the stench of similar products.  They even talk about how they FIELD TEST products before it is brought to market!  How crazy is that?!   We talk about their newest camo; Cipher, and the new additions to the women’s and men’s 2017 line, including a pair of shorts, and MUCH, MUCH more!

#18 Avery Adventures with Kurt Racicot from Stone Glacier


Tanya and I talk backpacks, sheep hunting and how it inspired Kurt to get started into the backpacking business.  We also touched on Kurt’s love for the 378 Weatherby.


show notes &  Product links:

#17 Avery Adventures with Jeff Brozovich from Longrangeonly.com


Broz is back with Tanya and me to discuss several questions we received from his last podcast. We talk about Jeff’s love of the 7mm Mag and the calibers he suggests for long range elk hunting.  We also spend some time talking about reloading and the importance of getting it right.

Long Range Only

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