#35 Justin Crossley

Hosted by
Tanya Avery

Today we chat with Justin Crossley, good friend, and Editor at Rokslide.com.  Justin recaps his successful 2017 season with his family and discusses the gear that impressed him during this season. 


Show Notes & Product Links:

Provided for your convenience are links to the products discussed in this podcast.  Some links are affiliate links. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.


Sig 2400 Kilo Rangefinder

Sig Whiskey 5 scope 3-15

Swarovski Spotting Scope STS


Christensen Arms Mesa


Exo 3500

Stone Glacier 6900

Kifaru Rambler


Javelin Bipod

Outdoorsman Tripod Head

Sport Ear Ghost Stryke earplugs

Peltor Sport Tactical Bluetooth Hearing Protection


Lowa Boots Irox Gtx


First Lite – Llano 170g Merino Crew Top

First Lite – Allegheny 230g Merino Bottom

Sitka Timberline Pants

First Lite Puffy Pants

First Lite Sawtooth Jacket

First Lite Chama

First Lite Grizzly gloves

Supplements: (Use Promo Code: FATKID for 20% off!)

Mtn Ops Ignite

Mtn Ops Phenix

Mtn Ops Yeti

Mtn Ops Magnum

Mtn Ops Ammo


What gear we are rocking in this podcast:


First Lite Corrugate Guide Shorts


Mtn Ops Woman’s 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt

Monat hair care products


Kifaru Hat

Rokslide Performance Sweatshirt

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