Welcome to the ‘About Us’ page.  The page everyone loves to write, NOT.  We are the typical hunter meets a non-hunter story, you know, the husband hunts, and the wife bitches…..  Not quite.  That is how the story started, but right around 4 years ago the hunter became an owner in a hunting website and everything changed.   My husband Ryan, became part of an amazing business that has forever changed our lives. It wasn’t that I was against hunting when we got married,  but hunting in our world was the ‘once-a-year man trip’, where the husbands got away from their wives and kids and sometimes came back with an elk or deer.  I didn’t know any women that hunted, and I don’t think Ryan did either. So, when Rokslide started, I slowly started being exposed to other girl hunters, but I am going, to be honest, I had serious doubts they all were into this sport for the purposes of hunting animals.  That didn’t inspire me to start hunting, in fact, it was a serious deterrent.  It took a couple of years of Ryan offering to take me, and an awesome girl pro-staffer on Rokslide to convert me (Thanks Becca!).  If I was going to learn how to hunt, I wanted to be good at it, and be taken seriously.  Ryan has been a total saint through all this and has done everything he can to make this a great learning experience despite the fact he has been hunting since he was 12 and this is all second nature to him.  I even think he likes me hunting with him;)  Fast forward, after several amazing hunts with amazing people and I am hooked!  That brings me to tell you about our website and podcast.  Ryan is the web guru on Rokslide, and I recently earned my Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing.  It wasn’t a hard choice for either one of us to come to the conclusion we would love to continue working in the outdoor industry utilizing our skills, in addition to the work we both do on Rokslide.com.  The podcast is a recent addition we had been talking about doing for about a year now, and with the help from other podcasters (Thanks Brian!) and friends, we are able to bring to you an informational podcast about all things hunting and hunting-related; gear, long-range, archery and the logistics of hunting and family.  We have 2 amazing kids and 2 pain-in-the-butt dogs you are likely to hear in the background of our non-structured, shit-talking podcasts.  I can’t wait to get our hunting friends (and sometimes their spouses) on the podcast, who knows what will be said?  That being said, I hope you enjoy following us along on our hunting adventures via this website, YouTube, SM, and our podcast, and learn some tips from our awesome guests!