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#53 First Lite Men’s & Women’s Sawtooth Jacket 2018


Ryan and I compare and contrast the Men’s and Women’s version of the First Lite Sawtooth 2018 Hybrid jacket.

Show Notes & Product Links:

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Men’s Sawtooth Jacket

Women’s Sawtooth Jacket

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#52 Tanya’s 2018 Southern Idaho Elk Hunt


This hunt was an amazing adventure with even more amazing friends.  I barely had time to sit back and reminisce before we were off on another hunting adventure, so getting to edit this podcast helped me relive the experience.

Show Notes:

0:01 Introductions

3:15 Why Ryan and Tanya don’t hike together

6:15 10% chance of rain in Idaho really means 100%.

7:15 If you hunt with horses, you probably think we are idiots.

8:18 When a favor tests the limits of a friendship

8:44 Eric and Shane talk pack weight

12:37 Why quality optics matter

18:02 Is your dope on?

29:50 The pack out


#51 Robby Denning and Justin Crossley

We sit down during my Mule Deer hunt with Robby Denning and Justin Crossley to chat about Robby’s 2018 season and answer questions received on our live Instagram event. As usual, it’s never a dull moment when you get this group together!
0:00-5:00 Justin and Tanya’s Mule Deer hunt
7:25-55:10 Robby’s 2018 season
17:10-17:45 Crotch shots of Robby, and where he parks his dragon
1:15:20 Robby realizes he has moobs
1:18:20 Did you catch horny head?
1:23:40 Why Robby isn’t against shooting Does
1:03:00 “What units do you hunt in AZ?”
1:05:50 “What do you do if you’re old and don’t have time to waste?”
1:09:50 “Is Robby going to do an audio version of his book? I’m a firefighter with three kids and don’t have time to read.”
1:13:50 “Robby, who’s your best-looking friend?”
1:17: 40 “If my wife leaves me because I’m hunting, I’m sending her to talk to your wife.”
1:19:50 “I hunted a very well known unit East of Idaho Falls for 8 days and only saw one small buck, which I shot. I wasn’t road hunting like every other person there. Was it a bad unit? This was my first year there.”
5:20 -Swarovski Optik 15×56 SLC https://amzn.to/2TKqJBF
-Swarovski Optik 20-60×80 STR 80 Spotting Scope
-Swarovski Optik 25-50×80 Spotting Scope https://amzn.to/2DWPZjw
5:45 -Sig Sauer Zulu9 15×56 http://bit.ly/SigSauerZulu9 6:50 -Vortex Vultures https://amzn.to/2S7bt00
33:10-Seek Outside 8-man tent http://bit.ly/SeekOutside8man
40:30-Swarovski Optik 8×42 EL range https://amzn.to/2P2w4Rn
41:50-Christensen Arms Summit TI http://bit.ly/CASummitTi
55:19-2019 First Lite line http://bit.ly/FL2019gear
1:15:50 Stealth Cam https://amzn.to/2FHHmuP

#50 Darin Cooper


A few weeks ago, we sat down with Darin Cooper, former Rokslide editor, and one of the genius’ behind the cam and a half system from Hoyt.  Darin was lucky enough this year to draw a Bighorn Sheep tag in Idaho and walks us through his preparation for the hunt and the hunt itself, spending over 30+ days!  We also talked about the competition shooting he’s been doing lately and of course, his amazing dog.

The Vortex Extreme Challenge 2018


After much fear it would be permanently canceled, The Vortex Extreme Challenge was back this year and hosted in a new and better (IMO) venue!  We traveled to Douglas, Wyoming to the Wagonhound Ranch to take part in this 2-day event.  Friday night was filled with dinner, prizes and camaraderie from new and old friends and the much-anticipated race draw times.  This year’s Vortex Challenge course was a bit longer than the previous years, and a bit more challenging with elevation reaching up to 7,500 ft.  This was a big jump for us because we reside at around 2,300 ft.  There also was an increase from 30 rounds to 70 rounds.  Three cheers for more shooting!

The Prize tables were INSANE! so many amazing prizes!

Vortex Optic’s own Mark Boardman is MC’ing Friday nights events

After drawing a very late race time, we got lucky in a second chance drawing and ended up drawing a much better time of 8:00 am.  This was seriously a blessing because it was over 100 degrees on Saturday :/


We got some great stuff from the prize table.  Ryan can’t get enough MTN OPS and I got a super cute hat to wear the next day.




Ryan is getting some tips from Randy for my elk hunt 🙂


Pics before the race:

some last minute strategizing before starting…
A quick pic before the race.
Our good friends, Shane and Eric had a start time close to ours so we got more time to catch up and talk smack.




more smack-talking via graphic tees 🙂


The course was very diverse with multiple shooting positions.

Lots and lots of walking…


Team Hawaii 5-0!!!


And done!  It kicked our butts, but a great time was had by all!















To learn more about the challenge, check out these videos:



To learn more about the Vortex Extreme, click here.

#49 Maven


In May, we were invited to Lander, Wyoming to tour the Maven world headquarters to collaborate with a couple other people in the outdoor industry about a new rifle scope Maven is working on.  Our time in Lander was filled with campfires chats, drinking and of course, tons of smack talking along with some amazing meals at local restaurants. The Maven guys were great hosts and every minute was a blast!


Show Notes & Product Links:

#48 The Vortex Challenge with Mark Boardman


We get lots of questions about the Vortex Challenge. So we asked Mark Boardman to come on and explain the new location in Wyoming and some of the changes to the event.


Show Notes & Product Links:

Vortex Optics

Razor HD AMG

#47 Rob Gearing CEO of Spartan Precision


Rob is a very funny guy with a passion to create lightweight gear for hunters. He also has an extensive climbing background. We cover everything from bipods to mountain climbing in this podcast.

#46 Ryan and Tanya talk bear hunting and bear meat recipes


Today we talk about Rokslide Bear Camp 2018, spring bear hunting and our favorite uses for bear meat.

Show Notes & Product Links:

#45 Brad Brooks from Argali Outdoors

Brad Brooks drinking Coffee on a mountaintop. Glassing for deer.

This podcast will be a little different, listen in on Brad Brooks seminar at the BHA in Boise! He covers lightweight backpacking and hunting mule deer. Learn more about Brad here.

Argali Outdoors

Show Notes & Product Links: