The Vortex Extreme Challenge 2018

Hosted by
Tanya Avery

After much fear it would be permanently canceled, The Vortex Extreme Challenge was back this year and hosted in a new and better (IMO) venue!  We traveled to Douglas, Wyoming to the Wagonhound Ranch to take part in this 2-day event.  Friday night was filled with dinner, prizes and camaraderie from new and old friends and the much-anticipated race draw times.  This year’s Vortex Challenge course was a bit longer than the previous years, and a bit more challenging with elevation reaching up to 7,500 ft.  This was a big jump for us because we reside at around 2,300 ft.  There also was an increase from 30 rounds to 70 rounds.  Three cheers for more shooting!

The Prize tables were INSANE! so many amazing prizes!

Vortex Optic’s own Mark Boardman is MC’ing Friday nights events

After drawing a very late race time, we got lucky in a second chance drawing and ended up drawing a much better time of 8:00 am.  This was seriously a blessing because it was over 100 degrees on Saturday :/


We got some great stuff from the prize table.  Ryan can’t get enough MTN OPS and I got a super cute hat to wear the next day.




Ryan is getting some tips from Randy for my elk hunt 🙂


Pics before the race:

some last minute strategizing before starting…
A quick pic before the race.
Our good friends, Shane and Eric had a start time close to ours so we got more time to catch up and talk smack.




more smack-talking via graphic tees 🙂


The course was very diverse with multiple shooting positions.

Lots and lots of walking…


Team Hawaii 5-0!!!


And done!  It kicked our butts, but a great time was had by all!















To learn more about the challenge, check out these videos:



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