Saturday, June 23, 2018
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#4 Talking optics with Matt Cashell from


“Binoculars changed the game because I quit walking so much” ~Matt Cashell

Matt talks about optics for hunting the West.


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#3 Darin Cooper


“Avery popped my podcasting cherry” ~ Darin Cooper

Darin Cooper is a man of many hats. A prolific bow hunter, writer, editor, engineer and dog whisperer.


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#2 Quilts, Bags and Shelters with Aron Snyder


“Those weed sign guys, they’re definitely varsity” ~Aron Snyder

On this Episode, I talk sleep systems with the man, the myth, the legend, Aron Snyder.  We give our thoughts on quilts vs. sleeping bags, and also give our ‘2 cents’ on our preferred sleeping pads and shelters and bivies.  Sorry about the random background noise, damn dogs!


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#1 Avery Adventures Podcast


“Hunting is like a real life ‘Where’s Waldo'” ~Tanya Avery

A quick rundown on what the Avery Adventures Podcast is all about. Go easy on us, it was our first time!


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No products discussed in the podcast.

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