#20 Avery Adventures with Josh Boyd

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“The great state of Montana is overrated. Unless you are looking for dinosaur bones.” ~Josh Boyd

Josh Boyd is one of best all around public land hunters that I know. He is also a great writer and gear junkie! Couple that with his job that keeps him in the woods and you get a very knowledgeable outdoorsman.

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Podcast #18 with Kurt Racicot from Stone Glacier and

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Show notes & Product links:

Provided for your convenience are links to the products discussed on this podcast.  Some links are affiliate links. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.  Products are primarily listed in order of discussion in the podcast.


Mystery Ranch



Stone Glacier Sky Archer 6200

Stone Glacier KruX frame

Stone Glacier Xcurve frame

Stone Glacier Sky 5900

Kifaru Timberline 1

Kifaru Timberline 2

Sitka Bivy 45

Seek Outside



Simm’s Waders


Enlightened Equipment quilt

Black Diamond tent

MSR water filter

MSR 3L water bladder

Bear Spray

Sodo stove

Jet Boil stove

Mountain Laurel cuben fiber dry bags

Black Diamond Z trekking poles

Hilliberg Tents


Leica Trinovid 10×42 binocular

Leupold gold ring 12×40 spotting scope

Leica spotting scope

Leica rangefinder 1600


Sitka Coldfront jacket

Sitka Coldfront pants

Sitka Cloudburst jacket

Sitka Cloudburst pants

Sitka Jetstream jacket

Sitka Jetstream beanie

Sitka Dewpoint jacket

Sitka Dewpoint pants

Sitka Thunderhead jacket

Sitka Thunderhead pants

Sitka Stormfront jacket

Sitka Stormfront pants

Sitka Traverse clothing

Sitka Ascent pants

Sitka Core lightweight hoody

Sitka Kelvin jacket

First Lite Aerowool

First Lite Seak jacket

Outdoor Research Helium 2 jacket

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