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#34 Robby Denning


We wrap up Robby’s 2017 season where he had an Idaho and Colorado tag.  Robby also goes through the gear that did and didn’t make the cut for next years hunts.


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#33 Brad Brooks from Argali


Brad Brooks from Argali Outdoors


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#32 Avery Adventures with Calvin Halladay


On this episode, we chat with Calvin Halladay of Sheep Mountain Outfitters and MOA rifles

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#31 Avery Adventures with Robby Denning


On this episode, we are down hunting Mule Deer with Robby in Southern Idaho. So naturally, we did a podcast on how to hunt rutting bucks.

#30 Avery Adventures with Casey and Nichole Harbertson


We discuss the trials and tribulations of hunting while the spouse is at home with a house full of kids.


Tanya’s Southern Idaho Mule Deer hunt 2016


Here he is, the buck that wanted so badly to come home with us, that finally got his wish;)

Check out this mule deer.  Isn’t he handsome?  This was almost the hunt that didn’t happen.  I drew this mule deer tag several months before I knew I would have to have surgery on my hip, so after finding out the hunt would be taking place after the surgery, I was concerned about my level of mobility and debated very seriously about not going.  After many discussions between ‘Team R & R’,  they formulated a plan for me and my limited mobility.  If you don’t know Ryan and Robby, you may not know when it comes to hunting, these two are very determined individuals.  They take it to a new level, for not only themselves but for EVERYONE.  I’m saying this because most people aren’t like that.  You hear the terms ‘mentally tough’ and ‘SITFU‘ (my personal favorite) get thrown around a lot and it seems most hunters feel they are determined and tough and will do whatever it takes to get the job done…for themselves maybe, but not always if they are helping on someone else’s hunt.  Very few people are willing to put in that kind of work for others.  It would have been very easy for both of them to say that this hunt would be too much, too soon, for me,  but I don’t even think that thought ever occurred to them.  I never felt like I was a burden, or Robby was less dedicated to my hunt than Ryan, or myself.  Robby and Ryan spend HOURS coming up with my hunting plan, and Robby scouted like crazy to find the perfect spot for me with my level of mobility.  How can you even begin to show your appreciation for that?  Ok, now that you know what badasses’ Team R & R are, I will get on with my story:)

Slow-cooker Antelope with Carrots and Potatoes


This is a really simple recipe.  I am not Martha Stewart (but wish I was!).  If I can figure out how to cook something in a Slow-Cooker, that’s what I’m going to do.  I tried to keep things short and sweet for this recipe. This is definitely do-able for a weekday meal.  I wasn’t sure how ‘gamey’ the antelope was going to taste so I decided to err on the side of more seasoning then I usually use.  Ryan had cut up the meat into fist-sized pieces, probably with the intentions of being able to grill them?  but he was going to be leaving the next day, so I knew I would have to figure something else out for them.  I am lazy, and it was late, so I figured I would marinate it for the night and figure out what to do with it the next day.

Step 1: Marinate– This is probably not a true marinate in the sense of the word, so don’t freak out on me foodies.  You will be rinsing about half of the meat off, so if this seems like a lot of seasoning don’t worry.

1 plastic zipper gallon size storage bag

1/4 c. olive oil

1/2 c. fresh diced garlic

4-5 big shakes of Ms. Dash (sorry, I didn’t measure)

5-6 grinds of the pepper mill

1/2 c. diced dried onion

Step 2: Set it and forget it- Put Meat and seasoning in the Zipper bag. I left it in the fridge for 3 days, every day I shook it around to ensure the seasoning would cover all the meat.

Step 3: Crock-Pot- pull out 1/2 the meat covered in seasoning and put in slow-cooker.  rinse off the other half and put it in the slow-cooker.  Mix them together.

2 c. baby carrots

4 c. of small potatoes.  Finger potatoes or red.  I used a potato’s I got from Costco that were small yellow and kinda brown/purple-colored potatoes.  You can use fewer potatoes, but we like our potatoes here in Idaho 😉

2 c. of beef bullion/water mix.

Step 4: Set and Forget, Again!- Cook on low for 8-10 hours.  It should be done by 8 hrs. but will be ok to go to 10 hrs. if you are not home yet.

Step 5: Make the gravy- Sometimes I use the drippings, but remember how I said I was lazy?  Today I used a package of brown gravy.  I even made it in the microwave 🙂 I heated up 2 c. water in a measuring cup (4 c. size) for about 3 min. then added the packet of gravy.  It set up right away and was a little thick so I added about 3/4 cup of the slow-cooker drippings and it was perfect.  Because I’m lazy, I didn’t even transfer the gravy to a gravy boat.  Can you believe that?!

Step 6: Add some salad– I used a bag salad, because you know why, haha.

This is a no-brainer recipe, I know a lot of women out there are thinking, DUH!  I find though, a lot of us are intimidated by how to cook game meat because of the strong flavor that can accompany certain game, especially deer, and don’t want to ruin the ‘free meat’ because it’s really like $25/lb 😉  I often struggle with meat being dry in the slow cooker too.  I know it’s because I’m impatient and have to keep messing with it, lifting the lid to look at it and stir it.  My slow cooker meals work best when I leave the house and can’t mess with it;)

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Check out the Slow cooker I use here.

Antelope Slow Cooker recipe (Printable link)

Antelope Slow Cooker recipe pg. 1


Antelope Slow Cooker Recipe pg. 2


#29 Avery Adventures with Darryn Epp



We talk to Darryn Epp, a world-renowned wildlife photographer, and hunter.  Darryn talks about bridging the gap between hunters and non-hunters using a mutual love for wildlife photography.

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Organizing your hunting gear in one regular sized closet. You can do it!



I will start this out by admitting we have a garage, so we aren’t forced to keep hunting gear in the house.  However, I prefer to keep it easily organized and accessible.  Much like living out of a suitcase, it seemed to be a time-consuming option to pack all of our hunting stuff in bins to have to sort through come hunting season.  With our clothing and some gear in a standard closet, we can pack much quicker.

I bought a closet organizer from Amazon a few years ago and arranged the shelving in style similar to the picture on the box.  At that time I was planning for the closet to store board games and kids toys.  In retrospect, I may have been able to situate the shelving in a different configuration to better utilize the closet for the purpose our hunting clothing and gear, but it’s working out ok.

Top right: I store my hunting packs and both of our daypacks.  Ryan stores his packs in the garage.  There was not enough room for all of our packs, and his are larger.

  1. Right-hand hanging rack: Jackets; soft shell and Puffy’s  Bottom right:  top of bin: Kifaru Doobie
    1. top bin: hats
    2. middle bin: gloves
    3. bottom bin: socks, bra’s and underwear
  2. 4.Bottom right: I have a boot dryer, heated insoles and my boots and camp shoes.
  3. Middle top hanging rack: base layer tops and bottoms.
  4. Middle shelf right:
    1. Left bin: Tanya’s misc. Girl stuff
    2. Right bin: Ryan’s misc. stuff
  5. Middle Bin: top of bin: battery packs and misc. Cords for cameras, GPS, etc.
    1. First aid packs, lighters, fuel tabs, ‘do-not-eat’ moisture packets
    2. hot hands
    3. camel back bladders, water filtration tablets
    4. gaters and shoe spikes
  6. Left-hand hanging rack: pants
  7. Middle shelf left: hats (not flat bills, lol)
  8. Bottom left hanging rack: Raingear: jackets, and pants.

For information on specific items shown, just drop us an email at Ryan@averyadventures.com or Tanya@averyadventures.com. We are creating a shopping list tab on our menu of items we use; it will be up shortly:)

*UPDATE: This closet is still clean and organized due to our hunting season being postponed because of my hip surgery. :/


#28 Avery Adventures with Frank Galli owner of Snipers Hide


The one and only Frank Galli. We talk about his time as a Marine Scout Sniper, The state of competitive shooting and gear of course.

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